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Want to work at Hearts with Hope? We may have a spot for you!


Direct Care Counselor

The Direct Care Counselors work in a group home setting at a residential agency for adolescent girls with behavioral and emotional needs ranging in ages 7-21. You will be responsible for assisting the youth with homework, routine hair/skin care, laundry, cooking, housekeeping, recreation, life skills, shopping and transporting. You would also help develop self-regulation skills, personal goals, provide support, supervision, and ensure youth safety. For employment you must have a diploma/GED, pass background check, valid driver's license, drug test, and a current TB test.

Employment Benefits:

  • 401K (after one year)

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision

  • PTO (after one year and full time only)

  • Holiday Pay

  • Bereavement Leave (full time only)

Licensed Practitioner of Healing Arts 

The LPHA serves as director of the clinical team. Ensures that services and programs meet the requirements of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS) residential childcare contract, Health and Human Services Commissions (HHSC) minimum standards and Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and is responsible for providing crisis services to youth under the care of Hearts with Hope Foundation (HWHF). The LPHA develops, trains, executes, monitors and signs off on all treatment services and programs for each youth. Performs risk of harm (ROH) assessments, moderately complex case management work, counseling intervention and addressing the 5-Point Child Development Plan to include educational, emotional, physical, spiritual and social service needs. Face-to-face ROH assessments and responding to needed telephone interventions. Additionally, this position provides brief intervention therapy aimed at resolving a crisis situation. 

The Treatment Director performs weekly psychotherapy sessions, intake assessments, and conducts hospital aftercare assessments. Work involves developing and maintaining relationships with youth, youth’s families, staff and stakeholders. The LPHA works closely with the Program Director and Program Administrator to ensure that high-quality, cost-effective programs are designed and implemented with regulatory compliance. Assures the continuity of care for youth, appropriate mental health referrals and providing necessary information and documentation for admission, discharge and/or transition to receiving units, facilities or agencies.

Employment Benefits:

  • Salaried Position

  • Pay commensurate with skills & experience

  • 401k Plan after one-year of service

  • Health Care upon hire

Ready to Apply?

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