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                                   Faith Bridge Church – Provides mentorship and                                         support to the youth.


     Building New Foundations - Provides financial support for key          

     programs and activities for youth.

                     extendedReach  – Provides case management system for                      the effective/maximum usage of software to document                         youth, facility, operations and management performance.                       


                                      Fallbrook Church – Provides mentorship and                                                peer activities for youth.


      Back-to-Basics Ministry – Provides recreational and spiritual                leadership to youth.


        Academic Coaching Program – Hay Center – This is a                               pilot program where volunteers from the Hay Center provide               tutoring to youth.


  • Trinity Reigns - Provides assisted psychotherapy which incorporates horses into the therapeutic process. 

  • MediPro International Pharmacy – Provides training to staff, operations management, and pharmaceutical support.



                    Kidsave -Provides hard to place youth (ages 9-17) with host families that mentor the youth.  This can lead to permanency and helps them find stable connections.


                   Here at Let’s Roam, we love to donate!  We’ve created                               the Let’s Roam Foundation to help give back to non-                           profits and charitable organizations that help improve their                                     community in some way or another.

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  • Miracles in May - A private agency providing Mental Health Rehabilitation Services with Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QHMPs) who come out and provide services to the youth.  Some of these services include individual skills training specific to the needs of the youth.


  • Operation Achieve Independence – A faith-based community of volunteers who develop a curriculum to provide in-depth life skills training to the youth.  This program will cover every section provided by Preparation for Adult Living (PALS) but on a more hands on and detailed level.


Texas Resilience Recover (TRR) - The Behavioral Support Specialists come alongside the caregivers in an effort to help youth both learn and follow new, specific, cognitive steps that allow them to get their needs met without resorting to the use of familiar maladaptive emotionally driven coping skills.

                              Project 828 – Provides support for operations and                                                   recreational activities for youth.




                               Chick -Fil-A – Provides weekly food donations for youth.





                                           Panera Bread – Provides weekly food donations for                                                   youth.



                                                       Building Bridges Initatives- Partners with Texas residential program leaders to explore the use of promising, best, and evidence-informed practices that promote sustained positive outcomes for youth and families after residential discharge.


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