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Spiritual Enlightenment

The youth have the opportunity to receive spiritual guidance and teachings through biblical principles.

Academic Enrichment

HWHF staff work closely with the local school district to ensure that each youth receives a quality education. Tutoring sessions are provided daily to help improve academic status and achieve set educational goals.

Life Skills Development

Provide opportunities for youth to develop a sense of order in their lives and develop skills needed for independent living.

Provide a setting in which activities are scheduled and supervised.

Individual/Group Therapy

Designed to help youth with developmental issues and identify triggers that cause personal crisis. The ultimate goal is to transition youth back into an environment that is less restrictive.

Family Therapy

Therapeutic goal is to establish reunification to a healthy, stable family environment.


Youth are evaluated to measure cognitive levels, intelligence, perception, and personality characteristics.


Conduct multi-disciplinary team conferences to determine and formulate the best individualized treatment plan for each youth.

Ministry and Mentoring

Ministry and mentoring is a vital part of any child's life. Partnering with local churches to provide mentors and activities give these youth hope! Education, vocational lectures and activities (on and off campus) such as character building and self-awareness.

Community Activities

Community based activities occur as often as possible to encourage appropriate socialization in community settings. Educate youth on the utilization of community resources.

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation is an integral part of our holistic therapy for the youth. Physical (sport) or passive (board games)types of recreation keeps the body well toned, helps with relaxation, uses trapped energy, and provides for a positive release for aggression.

Meditation Therapy

Meditation therapy is used to help achieve a balance of mind and body. Meditation is an effective way to ensure that the youth are not neglecting an important aspect of their well-being--the state of mind and its optimum relation with the body.


Services provided to foster growth and transition to a less restrictive environment to include returning home, a foster home, adoption or transitional living.

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